Join the BASH Digital League

Joining the BASH Digital League is simple and easy. One requirement to joining the league, other than having Blood Bowl Chaos Edition on PC and being willing to play, is that you live in the Hampton Roads area, nearby (EX: NC), or have been invited by a current BASH member. To join send an email to the league commissioner at to sign-up. The email needs to contain the following information for you to join the league.

Real Name: So we know who you are.

Join Type: Indicate if you are in Hampton Roads, which city and state your in if nearby, or if you’re out of area and who invited you.

Blood Bowl Platform Username: Specify the username you use in Cyandies Blood Bowl Platform for Internet Leagues.

Team Name: What you plan to name your team. This isn’t set in stone, and it is not finalized until your team is uploaded to the League Application.

Phone Number: The phone number that you’d prefer to be contacted at. Also specify if the number is a home, cell, or other type of number.

Email Address: This is the email other coaches and the league commissioner will contact you at.

Steam Name: BASH uses Steam for voice communications so we’ll need your Steam name. It’s also recommended you join the BASH Steam group after joining.

Instant Messaging Names (Optional): If you’d like you may include your contact names and the IM services they’re on to make it easier to communicate with other coaches. Skype can go here as well.

Other Contact Information (Optional): Extra phone numbers, extra email addresses, days you’re at the game store, etc. Whatever you feel comfortable sharing that you think will make it easier for coaches to contact you..

Once your email is received you will receive a confirmation email for the league and the league password and you will need to apply to join the league in the Blood Bowl Platform. Once you have done this you will have finished joining the BASH League

Your league password is used for a variety of functions for the league, the most important being the coach contact page.

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