The BASH Digital League aims to stay as close to tabletop Blood Bowl as possible, so our league uses the standard Classic turn-based ruleset in the Blood Bowl Legendary Edition PC game. To facilitate a more feature rich league we use the OBBLM League Application at our OBBLM.com site for our league management needs. This application is easy to use and allows coaches to manage their teams from the website, as well as see other team’s roster and standings within the league. Tutorials and information on how to use the application are available on this website.

The BASH Digital League has two periods per year, a spring and a fall period. Each period is divided up into two parts, the regular season and the BASH Cup for the season. The regular season has each team playing against every other team twice, according to a published schedule. The length of the season is determined by the number of coaches in the league at the start of the season, though it usually lasts 3 months long. Schedule time is blocked out so that coaches will finish all their games on time if they play one match a week, though coaches may play as many matches as they would like in a given week. Each team wins 3 league points for each win, 1 for a draw, and 0 for a loss, which can be seen in the league standings in the League Application. League points do not carry over between seasons.

Regular season games that are not played by the end of the regular season receive 0 points for both teams. If a coach needs to miss a number of matches due to extenuating circumstances the coach should contact the league commissioner about the issue per the schedule rules. In the event that a coach is refusing to play a match against their scheduled opponent a coach my challenge another coach once every two weeks per the guidelines on this site, with certain exceptions granted for specific exceptions in other rules outlined in the Coach Resources section of this site.

Which teams go on to the BASH Cup are determined by league point totals. If teams have have the same amount of league points then ties will be decided by tie-breaker matches as needed. The top four teams after tie-breaker matches play for the cup in a two-round tournament with matches assigned randomly. Be aware that the BASH Cup is held in person at one of the stores that support BASH. The league commissioner will work with coaches as much as possible to ensure all coaches can attend, even going so far as to breaking up the BASH Cup over multiple days, but complete inability to attend will result in your spot being given to the next coach in line.

Coaches may carry over their teams from period to period, allowing them to grow their team from season to season in the league. Winning the Spring or Fall BASH Cups also conveys unique benefits to team that claims in which also carry over to the next game. Coaches may if they wish retire an old team after a period in order to create a new 1000 point team for the upcoming period.

If this sounds like something you’d like to be part of, don’t hesitate, Sign up Now. BASH is also able to take late entries into the league, simply discuss your situation with the commissioner.

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