Schedule Rules & Requirements

An Example Schedule

The BASH regular season is divided up into a series of rounds called Match Days, and the two terms are sometimes used interchangeably. A coach may only play against their opponent during the Match Day they are scheduled against them. After a Match Day has passed the opportunity to play that match is lost. The last day of any scheduled Match Day is the submission deadline day. At any point during that day the commissioner will advance the league to the next Match Day and end the current Match Day. To ensure your ability to have your match submitted you should complete your matches before the submission day. Once the Match Day has been advanced it cannot be undone and matches in that Match Day cannot be played. The schedule may be presented in calendar form or it will simply note when new match days start and when the submission days are during the season.

The current listing of match ups for each Match Day can be found within the Blood Bowl League Manager. A image of the match ups will also be listed on the site, but will not be updated to reflect team replacement in the schedule. If you have any issues with your match that needs to be reported it must be sent to the league commissioner immediately after they occur. Please do not send requests to the league commissioner to validate matches early. The league commissioner may advance a Match Day early at their discretion if all teams show completed matches.

An Example Matchup Listing

An Example Matchup Calendar

If at any time you have trouble reading the colors of the league schedule, due to colorblindness or any other difficulty do not hesitate to contact the league commissioner for clarification. Also coaches who have situations that arise that prevent them from being able to follow these criteria should contact the league commissioner at the commissioner email address, specifying the time required for the absence. A coach is allowed to do this once a season. Coaches will not be penalized for not making matches or contacting opponents during the absence period.

During any particular Match Day coaches are at a minimum required to…

  • Contact their opponent via voice phone call and email…
  • Schedule a match before the submission day.

In some cases it’s possible coaches will not be able to schedule a match until the submission day or right after it. In these instances it may be possible to delay the submission day until your match. Please contact the league comissioner to attempt to arrange an alteration to the schedule. Requests to end a match day early to assist scheduling should also be sent to the league commissioner. Please try to keep such requests to a minimum as they affect all league members.

If you miss a scheduled match, or don’t contact your opponent during your round, the following will occur…

  • If you miss your scheduled match you must reschedule during that Match Day. If you cannot make another day that week then you will forfeit to your opponent on the submission day.
  • If one coach doesn’t respond to the other coach’s attempts to contact them (Minimum contact attempt of one email, & a phone call.) then the coach who does not respond to the other coach will award a forfeit unless they are in HOLD status.

How do I report that my opponent missed their match or isn’t responding.

  • For matches allow coaches up to 15 minutes to show up for their match. In the case of no contact you must allow two days for the other coach to respond. (It’s recommend you make contacts for an upcoming Match Day on the last Match Day’s submission day.)
  • Email the league commissioner and the coach who is not responding / did not show up. The league commissioner will arbitrate an assign a forfeit, or draw as warranted.

How do I respond to a missed match / no contact accusation?

  • If you receive an email stating you did not make a match or were unable to be reached, first respond to the email via reply all to include both the other coach and the commissioner in the conversation. Indicate in this email some availability for a match during the match day, and note any attempts to contact the other coach as well regarding the incident. If you would like to refute anything the other coach is saying now is the time to do so.

If a coach does not make their matches for 2-3 in a row the coach may be suspended at the league commissioners discretion. This will be decided on a case by case bases, with coaches who do not respond to requests for matches more likely to be suspended. When a coach is suspended their matches are put into HOLD status and award draws. Suspended coaches must contact the league commisioner to be reactivated.

Due to the nature of the Blood Bowl Platform, after a season has started the schedule cannot be altered. Only team substiutions will occur. Announcements of these changes will be sent to all BASH coaches via email.

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