Miscellaneous Regulations & Rulings

This page contains all rules and regulations for the BASH Digital League that do not have their own unique section.

What to do in case of crash / loss of disconnection during a match

In the case of a loss of disconnection or a crash by one of the players, first off let your opponent know. Then send an email to the commissioner and your opponent. Your opponent should also at this time Reply All to the email confirming the situation. The commissioner will reset the match and you will have to replay the match from the beginning. A disconnection or a crash during a match counts as a forfeit if not reported in this fashion. If both coaches agree then the coach who crashed / disconnected can simply accept the forfeit and no email to the commissioner is required, or alternatively the commissioner can manually set the score for the game. (This does not award the amount of SPP. Sadly the Blood Bowl Platform limits how much the commissioner can do to try and reset a disconnected match.)

Early Match Validation

Matches are validated on submission day. Coaches do not receive the rewards from a match until it is validated. The commissioner will not validate matches early unless there are extenuating circumstances.*

*Sorry guys, it’s a lot of extra work when everyone’s asking for the validations early and I have to do them piece meal. I know everyone is excited to spend their SPP but things run a lot smoother if the validations are all done in one batch at the end of each round.


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