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Fall 2010 Season Has Begun

October 3, 2010 Leave a comment

The time has once again come to drench the pitches of the old world in with the gore of the worshipers of Nuffle in that sacred game known only as Blood Bowl! This season promises to be another bloody affair as we have six teams ready to take to the pitches in the quest for ultimate glory. This season marks what (should) be our last season with Blood Bowl Classic. So let’s all give the LRB5 one last season of life before it’s on to the LRB6 CRAP and all the new races of teams just waiting for entry into the BASH league. This season also marks the our first season using the OBBLM league management system hosted at Many of you are used to using this system already. For anyone not used to it please contact me and I’ll get you setup and ready to use this great new tool. We will have new tutorials for it in the coming weeks, and perhaps an auto match-reporting tool which should make reporting games as simple as double-clicking an icon.

Due to the way our league shakes down we’ll be a little tight on time this time around. One game a week for all coaches would require a 10 week season, and as you can see below our season is only running 8 weeks this time around. That means you’ll have to buckle down a little more to get all those matches in. (Good Luck) The reason for the shortened season is so we can have the BASH Cup in November as opposed to the end of┬áDecember. Keep an eye on the schedule as the time of the November Lock-in hasn’t been confirmed, so if it changes our league schedule changes with it.

To everyone in the league, good luck to you all. It’s been great playing against each and every one of you last season and this season should be even better.



BASH Fall 2010 Season Starts September 20th

August 31, 2010 Leave a comment

The BASH Fall 2010 Trophy in all it's spiked glory

Right now the great pitches of the Old World stand empty. The grass is almost pristine, completely devoid of the red stains marring it during last season. But all that is about to change when BASH returns again for the fall season where every team worth watching will be fighting for the ultimate prize: The BASH Fall 2010 Cup. With a new season comes new beginnings as we transfer from the old Blood Bowl Digital league system and move over to brand new, shiny, OBBLM, with new and improved league functions like replay archives, the ability for coaches to send out team news to the league, and custom team details like background, stadiums, and player histories. Keep an eye out for new tutorial articles detailing the new system and for our league to be setup and read to go very soon. Remember if you haven’t joined up yet now’s the perfect time to join up.

See you out on the pitch.


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