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Match Day 3 has Begun!

March 31, 2014 Leave a comment

Logo_Human_12We are now in the third matchups for this season and this week the matchups are…

Slithery Scalebacks vs The Sons of Ragnarok
The Fanciest of Pants vs xxYYxx
The Ghent Crush vs Suffolk Paladins
The Accounting Department vs Smelly Cheese Heads
Blood Runs Reds receive a bye

Good luck to everyone out on the pitch.


Match Day 2 – The Sons of Ragnarok vs The Accounting Department Broadcast

March 24, 2014 Leave a comment

The first match of the season has been recorded. Click on the thumbnail below to see the video.

twitch bash thumbnail

Match Day 2 has Begun!

March 23, 2014 1 comment

Logo_Norse_13The second Match Day of the league has begun, and and now the teams are trading stadiums and preparing for a rematch of the teams from last week. The matchups this week are…

Blood Runs Reds vs Slithery Scalebacks
The Fanciest of Pants vs The Ghent Crush
The Sons of Ragnarok vs The Accounting Department
xxYYxx vs Smelly Cheese Heads
Suffolk Paladins receive a bye

In addition we will be broadcasting the Sons of Ragnarok vs The Accounting Department patch at 8PM. If scheduling permits we will broadcast matches weekly at our around 8PM on Sundays every week. Good luck to everyone and see you out on the pitch.

Match Day 1 has Begun!

March 16, 2014 1 comment

Logo_Lizardman_08The preparation has been finished and the season is finally set to begin. For the very first matchups of the season we have….

Slithery Scalebacks vs Blood Runs Reds
The Ghent Crush vs The Fanciest of Pants
The Accounting Department vs The Iron Curtain
Smelly Cheese Heads vs xxYYxx
Suffolk Paladins receive a bye

BASH would like to take this time to welcome the Humans, Chaos, Skaven, and Lizards for signing up again with the BASH league this season. With nine teams in the league this season it’s looking to be an excitment filled season at 18 match days. Good luck to everyone this season, and try not to destroy the pitches in the first week.

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