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BASH Transitions to the Cyanide Blood Bowl Platform for Spring 2013

April 17, 2013 Leave a comment

Starting this season BASH is transitioning to the Cyanide Blood Bowl platform. The reasons for this have been many but chief among these have been a general lack of satisfaction with the OBBLM tool specifically in the area of match reporting and updates, and a desire to stay up to date with the current edition of Blood Bowl. This transition requires a number of changes for our coaches. First of all teams from OBBLM can not be imported to the new platform. This means that there will be a necessary team wipe. All matches need to be done online through the Blood Bowl internet leagues option, and all players need to have accounts for Cyanide’s Blood Bowl internet leagues. In addition there are some more restrictions placed on us in this format than in OBBLM. The rewards for the Cup have been changed to a gold reward for the winner and loser of the cup match, and a requirement for even number teams requires the commissioner to field a second team in case of odds. As a result of this change a lot of the policy and procedure written on the site is no longer valid currently and will need to be re-written. Also once the league starts we’re locked in and can’t add a new team without removing an old one. The new league platform allows for easy match reporting and stats for the league in the game. It’s fully compatible with all features of Blood Bowl, the match reporting should be more accurate overall and most importantly requires no interaction from the player.



So how do you go about getting on the new league platform? Well first of all you will need to open multiplayer and internet leagues from the main screen.


From there you will need either log into your exisiting account or create a new account. Creating a new account requires the player key you received when you purchased your copy of Blood Bowl. You will need to email me at with your coach name on this service so I know who you are in the new system.

After you have logged in you will be taken to the league main screen. From here your next step is to create a team using the create team button. Your team will have to be created in game. It’s recommended that you plan your team out ahead of time because if it’s like single player you can’t refund a player after they’re pruchased.

Once you have your team created your next step is to apply for the league. Click on the leagues button and choose the league finder. Look for league name “BASH” and Manager “Furluge” and the league will come right up. Apply for the league and enter the password given to you when you emailed the commissioner with your new online name. Choose the new team you created as your team for the league and you’re all set.

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