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Round 5 Starts Today

April 29, 2012 Leave a comment

The fifth week is here and that means we’re on the last week of the first half of the season. This week we have two epic face-offs between four great teams. First off it’s the High Flyers vs. the Sons of Ragnarok. Both teams took a loss their last time out and you know they’ll be looking to put the hurt on because of it. That match will be followed up by the Dismal Swampers and the Plagueborn as they take to the pitch. Good luck to everyone this week!


Round 4 Starts Today!

April 22, 2012 Leave a comment

With the first few rounds of the season done things are really hotting up. The Dismal Swampers have pulled ahead of the pack with 6 points, while the Plagueborn are in dead last with 0 points scored. This week as usual has two matches scheduled. The first will be full of plenty of norse on norse action with The Maine-iacs vs The Sons of Ragnarok. The next match up will be a match of speed vs. speed when the Dismal Swampers take on the High Flyers. Good luck to everyone out on the pitch this week.



Round 3 Starts Today!

April 15, 2012 Leave a comment

Another week means it’s time for yet another match-up on the pitches of the Old World. This week we have two matches scheduled to take place. The first pits the Sons of Ragnarok against the Dismal Swampers in what promises an interesting take on the battle between man and mouse. The second match is yet another Norse afair as the Maine-iacs take on the Plagueborn and their Nurgle rot. Good luck to everyone out there this week!


Cyanide Announces Dungeonbowl

April 10, 2012 Leave a comment

Cyanide has just sent out a press release announcing the imminent release of the Blood Bowl spinoff, Dungeonbowl. A few of our coaches might be familiar with the Dungeonbowl game which hasn’t seen an update since the second edition of the game. (Unless there has been some White Dwarf article I’m not aware of.) I know I’ve spoke to a few coaches who have been hoping to see an update to this unique property so I know you’ll be excited with the current news. Cyanide has already setup a website, Google+ group, and facebook group for the new property, though the website only contains a forum at the moment.

A copy of the press release has been included below.

Cyanide announces Dungeonbowl™ on PC.
Paris, April 10th 2012.

Cyanide is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Dungeonbowl. This online only game is played with characters from Games Workshop’s® renowned Blood Bowl® world.

Dungeonbowl is the next exciting Blood Bowl experience, set in the fantasy American Football inspired game world already adapted as a video game by Cyanide. The key difference between Dungeonbowl and Blood Bowl as is rather obvious from the name, is that Dungeonbowl is played in a dangerous dungeon!

The wizards created the Dungeonbowl as they wanted to know which Magic College was the most powerful. The game introduces some subtle modifications to the standard Blood Bowl rules. A match is still played between two teams, but each side is composed of three races. For example, the roster of a Rainbow Wizards team contains Wood Elves, Halflings and Humans. The second difference is that the first team to score a touchdown wins the match. This task is made significantly more difficult by the fact that the ball is hidden in one of six treasure chests, five of which are booby-trapped with an explosive spell. Last, but by no means least, movement within the dungeon is both facilitated and complicated by teleporter pads. These allow players to magically zap from one position to another; a mishap, however, can lead to a player being zapped out of the match. As with Blood Bowl, the game is driven by dice and each player plays in turn.

Dungeonbowl continues Cyanide’s successful collaboration with Games Workshop and their rich and varied Blood Bowl world. The gameplay should therefore delight existing Blood Bowl fans as well as offer a gateway to this zany parody of Warhammer®and American Football for fans of tactical sports gaming.

Dungeonbowl is scheduled for release in the second quarter of 2012 and will be available on the Windows PC.


Round 2 Starts Today!

April 8, 2012 Leave a comment

Well the first week is over and the pitches of the Old World have finally gotten their first tastes of blood this season. The next match scheduled in this season is The Plagueborn vs. The Sons of Ragnarok, followed up by The High-Flyers vs. The Maine-iacs later this week. Good luck to everyone out on the pitch!


Round 1 of the 2012 Spring Season Starts Today!

April 1, 2012 Leave a comment

The time has finally come for the 2012 Spring BASH Season to begin. All the teams are gearing up and raring to set out once again onto the pitches of the Old World. This season pits four veteran teams and one new comer against each other in the quest for glory in the name of Nuffle. For our first round of gameplay we have two matches. Fist off the new High Elf team the High Flyers will take to the pitch against the undead monstrosities of the Plagueborn. Later on last year’s champions the Maine-iacs will face previous champions the Dismal Swampers. Good luck to everyone this season!


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