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Round 6 Starts Today!

October 16, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Well finally at the halfway point in the season. The first matches have begun to set up the lay of the land in the team standings. Currently we have the Dismal Swampers and the Maine-iacs tied for first place. They’re followed by the Plagueborn, and Das Best Beerfest, with the Rat Basterds and Sons of Ragnarok bringing up the rear. But it’s still anyone’s game, and the newer teams have  more games in the second half of the season than the old guard, giving them an even better chance to surge into the lead at any moment. With six teams in the current standings the top four teams are slated to move on to the main event of the season, the end of season tournament, truly making attaining the 2011 Fall BASH cup anyone’s game. This week we’ll see three more matches played in Nuffle’s name, starting with a skaven vs. skaven feud when the Rat Basterds face off against the Dismal Swampers. Next up is what is sure to be a plauge infested beat down when the Plagueborn take on the Maine-iacs. And lastly the two newest additions to the league will square off when the dwarves of Das Best Brewfest butt heads against the norse Sons of Ragnarok. Good luck to all the teams out there on the pitch!


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