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Round 4 Starts Today

March 27, 2011 Leave a comment

Round 3 has ended, with one game to be played Thursday during round 4, postponed after a rain-out cancelled last Thursday’s game.  The Underpants Gnomes rallied this week, soundly beating the Dark Elves of Naggarond Lighting. According to Lightning’s coach, what’s left of him anyway, the players have been sacked, sold off as hydra chow, and replaced which slaves who are very motivated to improve performance. This week’s match up pits Naggarond Lightning against Peanut Butter Jelly Time and The Plagueborn against Arbor Doom. The Underpants Gnomes will be celebrating their win with a week long feast of delicious Hydra-chow gumbo provided by the Naggarond “Feed the childrenz” society.

BASH would also like to welcome the Dismal Swampers, a Skaven team, to the league. The Dismal Swampers are set to join the schedule in round 5.



Round 3 Starts Today

March 20, 2011 Leave a comment

Another week of the season over and two more matches have been finished. First off the battle of the elves has ended in a stalemate in a 2-2 draw. In the other game of the week Peanut Butter Jelly Time wins against the Underpants Gnomes in a 2-1 victory that hasn’t come without cost, as Buckwheat was ejected form the boat-pitch in style… thrown overboard as chum, while Banana Man is out for the next game due to a broken neck. Truly the halflings treeman are vicous forces on the field not to be trifled with! This week’s matches have The Plagueborn vs. Peanut Butter Jelly Time, and The Underpants Gnomes against Naggarond Lightning. Good luck to all our teams this week!


Round 2 Starts Today

March 13, 2011 Leave a comment

Round 1 has ended and BASH congratulates Arbor Doom and The Plagueborn on their victories this season, tying up both teams for first place in league standings at 3 points each. Round 2 begins this week first with two-time BASH champions Peanut Butter Jelly Time up against The Underpants Gnomes. Will the halflings and their treeman give the accident-prone humans their first crippling injuries of the season? Then later on in the week it’s the time for what you’ve all been waiting for, hot elf on elf action as the Wood Elves of Arbor Doom face off against the Dark Elves of Naggarond Lightning. Will these hated enemies stop maiming each other long enough to actually touch the ball? Stay tuned to find out!


Round 1 Starts Today

March 6, 2011 Leave a comment

The schedules have been posted and now the opening round of the Spring 2011 season has begun. The first match-up pits the Wood Elves of Arbor Doom up against the The Underpants Gnomes, a colorful team of halfling bloodbowlers. The second matchup of the round has the Night Elf cutthroats Naggarond Lightning up against the nurgle rotters of The Plagueborn. Fans are holding their breath to see how newcomers The Underpants Gnomes  do against veteran team Arbor Doom. Good luck to all the teams participating in this round.

In related news fans of WherzDball are in mourning over recent news the veterans of last year’s Fall 2011 season were closing up shop. When asked what caused their decision team captain Imazit had this to say, “Blimey! Well i’ all really came down ter a choice between raidin’ an’ pillagin’ an’ playin’ da game. We need us a’ noice new couch, so raidin’ an’ pillagin’ won out. Nuff said, yeah?”


Spring 2011 Season Has Begun

March 1, 2011 Leave a comment

Well it’s March once again and that means it’s time for teams of the Old World to take to the pitch once again in the Blood Bowl Arena. This season ramps up the action with a few major changes that will change the face of the BASH Digital League forever. The first and expected change is that the league has transitioned to Blood Bowl Legendary Edition. This allows all teams but Chaos Dwarves, Chaos Pact, Slann, and Underworld to be chosen for play in the league. League matches can no longer be played using the Blood Bowl “Classic Edition” as the Classic Edition uses an older rules set than the Legendary Edition. If you purchased the Classic Edition don’t forget you’re eligible for a discount when buying the Legendary Edition.

The bigger and longer to explain change is the schedule. The schedule you see above will be posted under the “Coach Resources” section of this site along with the full official rulings on how the schedule interacts with league play. Sharp eyed coaches will notice that this schedule has a “v1” beside it. If we have late entries then the schedule will be updated.

(Note: The schedule was removed from this post when the schedule was updated to v2.)

Be advised that if the schedule changes to a new version the following will occur to keep you up to date.

  • All coaches will be sent an email notifying them of the new schedule
  • Past and current weeks in the schedule will not be changed
  • Matches already scheduled for future weeks in the previous version of the schedule will be kept the same as much as possible
  • Matches for the new team may be delegated to the Open Schedule portion of the season (Read below for why that is important)

The season is divided up into a series of rounds which are denoted by their various colors. If you have trouble reading the colors, if you have color-blindness for example, please notify me and I will clarify the schedule for you. In each round teams have been randomly matched up against other teams for the regular season.

During any particular your round coaches are at a minimum required to…

  • Contact their opponent…
  • Schedule a match for that week…
  • Or, if that is not possible schedule a match for the following week

Coaches who have situations that arise that prevent them from being able to follow these criteria should contact the league commissioner at the commissioner email address, specifying the time required for the absence. You’re allowed to do this once a season. Coaches will not be penalized for not making matches or contacting opponents during the absence period. Also if both coaches agree they may schedule their match for a time later than the week after the round, though this is strongly discouraged. This new round structure also makes missing scheduled matches a little stricter.

If you miss a scheduled match, or don’t contact your opponent during your round, the following will occur…

  • If the match was scheduled during the week of the round it’s for (EX: A Round 1 match on March 8th) then  you simply must contact your opponent and schedule a new match. Nothing “bad” occurs, and this is a benefit of scheduling your matches early. The new match may be scheduled later in the week or for the next week as normal.
  • If the match was scheduled after the week of the round it’s for (EX: A Round 1 match on March 14th), then the other coach is allowed to issue you a challenge. This challenge will not count against that challenging coach’s 1 challenge every 2 weeks limit. Consequences for missing challenge matches or not responding to challenges is outlined in the challenge procedure. When making this challenge indicate the round it is for and describe the situation.
  • If one coach doesn’t respond to the other coach’s attempts to contact them (Minimum contact attempt of one email and one phone call required at least by the Wednesday in a round.) then the coach who made the contact attempt is allowed to issue the coach who is not responding a challenge. This challenge will not count against that challenging coach’s 1 challenge every 2 weeks limit. Consequences for missing challenge matches or not responding to challenges is outlined in the challenge procedure. When making this challenge indicate the round it is for and describe the situation.
  • The league commissioner may deny challenges for the above two conditions if they are received a week after the round they are for. (EX: A challenge for due to no contact from the opponent for Round 1 is received on March 2oth.)

There are a lot of new changes here, especially about scheduling matches. This procedure is designed to keep matches moving, give coaches ideas of who to contact during a particular week, and make it easier for coaches to force matches with coaches who are derelict.

Here are a few last things to keep in mind regarding the schedule…

  • The schedule does not stop you from doing your matches early! If you know a particular week is going to be difficult for you to get matches done then be proactive and get those matches done in advance!
  • Matches which are according to the schedule scheduled for the “Open Schedule” period are not subject to any of the scheduling requirements and rules that matches scheduled during the rounds are. The Open Schedule period is reserved for overflow and unforeseen circumstances. If you miss a match scheduled during this period, it simply doesn’t occur. Regular challenges can still be issued. The last date a challenge can be received and still be valid is May 20th

Have you managed to get all of that? Here are the v1 Match-ups for the BASH Spring 2011 Season.


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