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Season Update – Bring Out Your Dead

March 28, 2010 Leave a comment

Laly Tusk sends Sornafein to that great Blood Bowl pitch in the sky

Another two weeks have gone by and that means it’s time for another BASH Digital League season update. This week saw five matches of pure carnage take place in the league. The only thing higher than the scoreboards during these two weeks have been the apothecary bills to try to piece these players back together. For highlights of this bone-crunching action check out the BASH Facebook Page where you’ll find the photo pictured here and many more from every game played. After this batch of games the humans of Peanut Butter Jelly Time are riding high on an undefeated 5-0 record and are just one game away from having a completely undefeated season, giving them a league point total of 15. The elves of Arbor Doom scored a win against the Mini-Bosses to vault them to second place at 4 points, and the Psycho Clowns lay in wait in third with a draw and a loss for 1 point.

The action on the pitch this week was brutal. No team has walked away without at least one player with permanent injuries like smashed hips, ankles, and collarbones. But even more staggering is that four players from three different teams have been sent to meet their makers in the past few games. Among the dead are The Fat One and Wonderbread of Peanut Butter Jelly Time, Sornafein of Arbor Doom, and Gofbit of The Mini-Bosses. The total value of all the dead players totals up to a staggering 340,000 gold pieces. Zeztorg of the Psycho Clowns has been particularly brutal on the pitch. In only two games he’s managed to injure four players, kill one, knock out two, and stun four, making him the deadliest player to grace the BASH pitches.

However it wasn’t all death and carnage out on the field. Fantastic plays have lit up the scoreboards with touchdowns, racking in a total of 16 touchdowns scored among all the teams that played these past two weeks. Two striking plays really stand out among all the drives to the endzone. Jelly of Peanut Butter Jelly Time proved that fortune was with him during a dash for the end zone while dodging past Yelfagor a staggering three times to bring the ball in for a touchdown. And later on Thatyth of Arbor Doom proved what Wood Elves can do by leaping over a troll-filled line of scrimmage to put another touchdown on the big board.

These past two weeks marked our first official appearance at Tower of Games when Arbor Doom and The Mini-Bosses faced off in the cyber-cafe during the Tower of Games March TowerCon Irish event. The live match proved to be a big hit, and a great omen for the BASH Cup scheduled April 24th.

Only three and a half weeks remain in this season. Peanut Butter Jelly Time looks to their new Ogre, Fluffernutter, to help them seal their undefeated status for the season, but Zeztorg and the Psycho Clowns are still hungry for blood, can they put a stop to their aspirations? Arbor Doom sits poised to take second place, and they’ve grown a new Treeman, Grum, to put the “Arbor” back into Arbor Doom. Meanwhile the Mini-Bosses may be in last, but they still have two very hungry trolls and a chainsaw wielding maniac ready to destroy any player’s hopes of making it to the cup. How much havoc can they cause? There’s only five matches left in the season, and anything could happen, so keep reading, and be ready for another season update in two weeks!



Season Update – The First Two Weeks

March 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Earguff tries to take a bite out of Ungit, but he slips away only fall on his head ending his Blood Bowl career

The season has begun and our first two weeks have flown right by.  Everyone should know that our plans for the BASH Cup have been finalized. We will be having the BASH Cup on April 24th at Tower of Games at 8PM during the April TowerCon lock-in. The two teams that will play the championship match will be announced on April 22nd or when the last league match has been played, whichever comes first. Even if you’re not one of the teams picked I urge you to show up and lend your support and to enjoy the lock-in and have some of the delicious cake that will be served. Entry will be $5, $3 if you are part of Tower of Game’s adventurer program. The theme for the April TowerCon will be Chinese and there will be a Chinese food pot-luck available for all attendees. The entry fee will be waived for anyone who provides a dish for the pot-luck.

In game news Peanut Butter Jelly Time is riding high on morale after back-to-back wins against Arbor Doom and The Mini-Bosses. The game against Arbor Doom pitted human vs. elf in a war to win the opening game of the season. With some lucky breaks to start out Peanut Butter Jelly Time managed to put two points on the board, but paid for their gusto later on when a crushing tackle fractured lineman Baseball Bat’s leg. The wood elves took advantage of the opportunity as wardancer Thatyth broke away from the pack and brought the ball into the endzone. Unfortunately the elves were unable to repeat the feat and the game ended 2-1 in favor of Peanut Butter Jelly Time.

The following week saw the goblins of the Mini-Bosses facing off against Peanut Butter Jelly Time in a grueling match for both sides. Human thrower Peanut Butter couldn’t manage to pass the ball all night, fumbling the spiked pigskin every time he pulled his arm back. The humans managed to sneak the ball into the end zone once in the first half and another time in the second. The goblins put up a fight, but ultimately their hopes were dashed by their underfed trolls, who tried to eat their goblin teammates on two occasions in the game, the first attempt leaving Ungit with a fractured skull after squirming away only to land on his head. Players seemed to be thrown off the pitch left and right with injuries and penalties in this game, and in the last few couple of turns of gameplay only a handful of players from each team managed to be on their feet to play the ball, much less score, leaving the endgame total 2-0 in favor of Peanut Butter Jelly Time.


Spring 2010 Season Kicks-Off Today

March 1, 2010 Leave a comment

The first of March is here at last and that means the first season of BASH has finally begun. For our inaugural season we have four teams ready to bring chaos on the Blood Bowl pitch. This season’s mayhem makers are The Mini-Bosses, a maniacal group of goblins, the Psycho Clowns, a group of rough and tumble Chaos races, Arbor Doom, a group of Wood Elves ready to prune the competition, and lastly the human hooligans, Peanut Butter Jelly-Time. In addition we also have one reserve team, the Naggarond Snatchers, which is available for any late entries should they come forward. Wish them all luck as they head out on the pitch.

To all coaches who are unfamiliar with the procedure for playing a league game for BASH you’ll want to read this usage guide on how to do it. In short, as long as you remember to download your team before each game and as long as one coach remembers to upload the match report after the game everything will run smoothly. For those who would like to play their first matches against someone who’s had experience with the system before you can speak to myself and Adam as we’ve both used the system for matches previously.

When you view the league roster now you will now see a schedule. Remember that you do not have to play matches in the order shown on the schedule. The schedule just shows the match ups left to play in the regular season. Speaking of schedule at the bottom of this posting is a schedule for this season ready to be saved and printed, made as wallpaper, or to be kept in a dark lonely folder on your hard drive. We’re slated to run seven and a half weeks for this season which means you’ll finish up all your matches with some time left over if you play one match each week. It’s looking like the BASH Cup will be scheduled to be held at Tower of Games on April 24th. The details are still being finalized and if things need to be changed they will. Now’s the time to make sure you can attend the event where the top two teams will face off for the cup and the trophy will be presented. If you have a preference for the time of the BASH Cup on the 24th, keeping in mind it can’t be earlier than 7pm, or if you have an issue with attending on the 24th contact me.

One last order of business. As you play your games if you’d like you may submit the match replays of your matches. If you send me your replay file then you have a chance for an image from your match being posted here on this site for the league progress reports. If enough replays are submitted then there will be a highlight reel created from everyone’s matches. Replays can be found on Windows XP in the “My Documents\BloodBowl\Saves\Replays” folder and on Vista or Windows 7 in the “Documents\BloodBowl\Saves\Replays” folder.


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