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Gearing up for the Spring 2010 Season

December 19, 2009 Leave a comment

BASH is coming back bigger, badder, and better than ever for the Spring 2010 Season. Learning from previous experiences steps have been taken to ensure that BASH turns out to be a bigger and better event than previously imagined. Some of the improvements for the Spring 2010 Season include…

  • This brand new website
  • BASH Reorganized into a bi-annual event taking place in the Spring and the Fall
  • Teams now carry on progress between seasons
  • There are now two BASH Cups, the Spring and the Fall BASH Cup, each unique and with their own benefits
  • Reaching out to more players in the Hampton Roads area

The spring 2010 Season is scheduled to begin on March 1st. BASH is glad to accept any and all coaches in the Hampton Roads area who are interested in joining us for the Spring 2010 Season. Simply goto our sign-up page and upload and register your team and get ready for awesome Blood Bowl action come March, where you’ll face off against other coaches in our area, all for the right to play for the Spring 2010 BASH Cup and win your very own custom-made Spring 2010 BASH Cup to keep in your very own home.


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